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Držiak na plochý panel Signal PLB-40E (32''... 55'')
Kód tovaru: E93132
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Záruka - 24 mesiacov
Držiak na plochý panel Signal PLB-40E (32''... 55'')
Nákres držiaku
Držiak na plochý panel Signal PLB-40E (32''... 55'')
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Distinguishing features:
  • Rozmer obrazovky: 32'' - 55''
  • Nosnosť: 45 kg
  • Vzdialenosť od steny: 19 mm
  • Štandard uchytenia: VESA (max. 400x200)
Držiak Signal PLB-40E E93132 bol navrhnutý pre umiestnenie moderných LCD alebo plazmových monitorov / TV na stenu. Jeho nosnosť je 45 kg. Vďaka špeciálnemu dizajnu je zadná strana TV/monitora vzdialená od steny iba 19 mm.
The wall has to carry the load of the panel and the mount, including a wide margin of safety.
The mount cannot be installed on walls that do not provide firm hold (steel stud, old cinder block, plaster panel etc). If you are uncertain about the nature of the wall, consult an installation company.
The set contains all components needed for typical installation. In some specific conditions there may be required auxiliary elements or tools that should be supplied by professionals installing this type of hardware.

The basic tools required (not included): 3 mm drill bit for mounting on wood / metal constructions, 10 mm masonry bit for brick / concrete block installations, electric drill, Phillips screwdriver (min. length: 200 mm), marker.
Safety warning.
The set includes assembly instructions. If you do not understand those directions, or have any doubts about the safety of the installation, please call a qualified installer.
Before mounting check carefully to make sure there are no missing or defective parts. If you have any doubts do not begin installation.
Some operations should be performed by two skilled people!
Improper installation may cause damage or serious injury.
Do not use this product for any other purpose than specified.
Neither the producer nor distributor shall be liable for damage or injury caused by incorrect mounting, incorrect assembly, or incorrect use.
Technické parametre
NázovSignal PLB-40E
Rozmer TV
32" - 55''
Vzdialenosť od steny
19 mm
Štandard uchytenia
VESA (max. 400x200)
Nosnosť45 kg
Uhol natočenia-
Rozmery460 mm x 260 mm x 19 mm
Hmotnosť1.45 kg
Collective package contains 10 mounts.
Available versions of the mount
Rozmer TV
32" - 55''37'' - 70''


Bez DPHCena s DPHZľavaPlatnosť  
7,90 EUR9,48 EUR0 %
Držiak na plochý panel Signal PLB-40E (32''... 55'')
Kód tovaru: E93132