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Intruder Alarm Control Panel: SATEL CA-10 P (main board)
Kód tovaru: G2057
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Intruder Alarm Control Panel: SATEL CA-10 P (main board)
View of the CA-10 P main board
The CA-10 P control panel is designed for security systems in small and medium size facilities. The control panel allows for system division (partitions), basic expansion, and cooperation with external GSM/GPRS communication modules.
The CA-10 P panel has 10 inputs/zones, 8 of them on the main board, and 2 in each keypad. The maximum configuration (with four keypads or expansion module) has 16 inputs/zones. The inputs can cooperate with any sensors in NC, NO, EOL, 2EOL/NC, 2EOL/NO configurations. The use of two-parameter configuration (2EOL) allows for simultaneous check of the sensor and its anti-tamper circuit.
Keypads with clear LCD displays and universal factory presets help the installer to setup and start the system very easily and quickly. Systems based on CA-10 P panels can also be configured in free DLOAD10 app installed on a PC with Windows OS.
Key features of CA-10 systems:
  • Possibility to divide the system into 4 partitions (groups of inputs/zones), also with shared inputs.
  • Up to 16 programmable inputs/zones, with selection from 21 different reactions.
  • 6 programmable outputs, with selection from 41 different functions.
  • Up to 4 LED/LCD keypads.
  • 28 passwords for users (up to 12 in a partition).
  • Remote monitoring by two monitoring stations via telephone line.
  • Notification on system events in the form of voice or text messages.
  • Event log with 255 entries.
  • 4 timers for date and time related functions.
  • Automatic diagnostics of basic system components (power supply, phone line, inputs, outputs, communication bus etc).
  • Editable names of users and system components (partitions, zones, outputs, modules, timers etc).
Main features of the CA-10 panel:
  • max 16 inputs/zones (with keypads or expansion module)
    • configuration options: NO, NC, EOL, 2EOL/NO and 2EOL/NC
    • flexible selection of zone function
    • sensor diagnostic tools
  • 6 programmable outputs
  • 4 partitions
  • RS-232 port (RJ socket)
  • on-board PSTN telephone dialer
  • system operation:
    • LCD and LED keypads
    • telephone (with optional MST-1 module)
  • system programming:
    • local (LCD/LED keypad, PC connected to RS-232 port)
    • remote (PC connected via modem)
  • passwords:
    • up to 4 master (administrator) passwords (1 for each partition)
    • up to 28 user passwords (max 12 in a partition)
    • 1 service password
    • possibility to limit the range of operations available for some users
  • 4 timers
  • event log with 255 entries
  • event print function
  • monitoring using ContactID and other protocols
    • 2 monitoring stations numbers
  • messaging:
    • 8 telephone numbers
    • 1 voice message
    • 4 text messages
  • incoming call answering
  • advanced telephone tone analysis
    • TBR-21 compliant tone detection
    • intelligent redial attempts
    • programmable dialing sequence
  • built-in 300 bps modem
  • auto-diagnostic features of basic system components
  • on-board switching mode power supply
NameSATEL CA-10 P (main board)
Number of inputs/zones
Max. number of inputs
Number of partitions
Number of high-current outputs
Number of low-current outputs2
Max. number of outputs
Number of timers
Event log entries
Max. number of users
Current capacity of power supply
2 A
Supply voltage
18 VAC
Current consumption (main board)95 mA
Zone configurations
PSTN dialer
PCB dimensions173 x 102 mm
Operating temperature range
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96,95 EUR116,34 EUR0 %
Intruder Alarm Control Panel: SATEL CA-10 P (main board)
Kód tovaru: G2057