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Merač úrovne signálu TV/FM/Sat PROLINK 3+
Kód tovaru: R10730
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Front view

Right side view

The standard set

Prolink 3+
Prolink-3 is more than just a spectrum analyzer or signal level meter. It is an absolutely revolutionary measuring device designed for analog/digital readouts of TV systems. It allows to directly evaluate the quality of TV/Radio and data signals. It measures analog signals in any TV system/format as well as it identifies digital signals.
Its rugged construction and small size make it easy to use the device in the field. All measurement results are displayed on the screen. It includes an advanced automatic data acquisition system (DATA LOGGER), which can conduct evaluation of up to 99 channels. Depending on the option, the operator can measure Bit Error Ratio (BER) and Identify DVB channel with channel identifier (DCI).
Bit Error Ratio Measurement (BER) options. There is a number of options that can be selected for BER measurement. Available options: OPT-103-81 QPSKSAT OPT-103-82 QAMCATV OPT-103-83 COFDM-DTT OPT-103-85 QPSK/QAM
Universal - it means both analog and digital. The Prolink-3 line has been designed to facilitate the installation, operation, and control of TV/Radio/Data transmitting systems. The meter is compatible with all analog and digital systems/formats. It can evaluate the quality of transmitted signals. Analog signal measurements include: signal level, Video carrier/Audio carrier ratio, Carrier/Noise Ratio, Bit Error Ratio (optional), sender identification.
Ease of use and comfort have been a priority. Weighting only 4.5kg (with the battery) and having such a compact size, the Prolink-3 is the only meter equipped with so many functions in such a small housing. It has been designed for use even in the most adverse conditions and places. It comes with carrying bag that may be carried on the back (like a backpack). This solution makes climbing a ladder or accessing other difficult locations quite easy.
Bit Error Ratio Measurement (BER). Bit Error Ratio measurement (BER) evaluates quality of transmitted digital signal, allowing to assess its usefulness for decoding in a receiver. The following options are available:
OPT-103-81 Bit Error Ratio measurement of satellite signals (MCPC and SCPC).
OPT-103-82 Bit Error Ratio measurement of cable TV signals.
OPT-103-83 Bit Error Ratio measurement of terrestrial TV signals.
OPT-103-85 Bit Error Ratio measurement of satellite TV MCPC/ SCPC and cable TV signals.
DVB channel identifier. All options of measuring BER permit identification of the signal sender. Identification is also possible in the case of encrypted programs and it provides ID of the sender of such program.
Fast, accurate, and easy spectrum analyzer mode. As a spectrum analyzer, Prolink-3 has been optimized for carrying out measurements in TV systems. It allows to set REFERENCE LEVEL, SPAN, RESOLUTION BANDWIDTH, SWEEP TIME, etc. The instrument will automatically preset configuration in accordance with the type of measurements selected by the operator.
With 50 dB dynamic range, simultaneous frequency/channel/level display on the screen, there is an immediate interpretation of the readings. Fast sweep mode (FAST) allows for optimal antenna alignment. In high resolution mode (HIGH RESOLUTION) every change of the signal is registered on the screen.
When dual marker mode is selected (DUAL MARKER), two markers appear on the screen with readings of their levels and the difference in their frequencies. Each of the two can be independently moved on the screen. The measurement of the power of a digital signal (CHANNEL POWER) can be performed at one point or on the entire channel.
The advantage of the first one is its speed. It can be performed relatively fast. The second method is more accurate and produces more reliable results. The reading values of both methods may vary, especially if the quality of transmitted signal is poor. The meter offers fast and accurate measurements also in a full span mode (FULL SPAN).
Durability and resistance to shocks. Rugged construction has been one of the primary concerns during the Prolink-3 design. Despite its low weight, the casing of the instrument is made of metal for improved durability and protection against shocks. The meter is wrapped in rubber coat and its monitor is additionally secured to reduce any effect of an accidental fall. The input and output connectors are located on right side of the meter, the only knob on the front panel is protected against dust and water.
In all environments. The designers have taken every detail into account to ensure that the instrument is ideal for operation in any environment. The carrying case has top cover that can be opened for viewing the front panel. It also improves contrast when operating in direct sunlight.
Data acquisition and automatic processing. Prolink-3 can be used as a data acquisition system. It can conduct evaluation of up to 99 channels at one particular outlet with just one command. It can perform many kinds of measurements including Bit Error Ratio (BER). The process can be repeated for up to 99 outlets since the memory of the instrument is about 10,000 measurements.
The results can be stored or printed out to prepare a report on the spot, with the printer CI-023 placed in the case. Both readings and spectrum graphs can be printed.
It is possible to repeat measurements on a regular basis, after specified periods of time. This useful function monitors stability of the signal/s and helps to detect irregularities, short breaks or faults in the system.
Using the PKTools (RM-104) software, the measurements (results) may be transferred to a personal computer, for a more detailed analysis. The PKTools software allows to generate certified reports directly with the content of the data acquisition memory, and protect the results from being altered in any way. These reports can only be personalized to include the logo of the certifying company. Alternatively, it is possible to make any other type of report, graphics or statistics using a standard spread sheet.
Easy to use. Ease of use was a priority in the designing process. Direct access keys and single selection command allow an immediate selection of the desired function. The icon-based menu makes selection of the functions much easier.
Battery charge. The operating time can be extended by charging the battery between measurements in different locations, when traveling by car. This can be done with the aid of the standard car lighter adapter.
A meter for every application. To choose the right model from Prolink-3 line, one should refer to the manuals or read the information on this page. Prolink-3 comes in various versions having various functions. There is Prolink-3S model designed for SAT bandwidth only, other models cover both satellite and terrestrial bands. Bit Error Ratio measurement can be added to any selected version of Prolink-3.
Return path. All versions that include this function cover the frequency range used in cable TV as return path. This frequency range is typically from 5 MHz to 50 MHz.
DiSEqC 1.2. This function allows to test DiSEqC 1.2 - compatible devices, like converters, multiswitches, positioners etc. The desired configuration can be chosen at the program level with a set of simple instructions. Up to 99 program steps can be stored and used in the future.
B/W or color monitor. Buyers can select one of the two types of LCD monitors: black&white or color.
Prolink-3 of Promax and BER plus DCI functions. Any Prolink-3 meter can be optionally equipped with BER/DCI reading capability. For every installer the BER option marked PA-181 is the most important feature. BER is the most important measurement of the quality a digital signal. Opt-103-81 QPSK permits BER to be measured before and after Viterbi correction (it identifies signals in MCPC and SCPC SAT transmissions) and it provides information about the total number of wrong packets within a given period of time.
The displayed information after PA-181 option has been installed

DCI (DVB Channel Identifier) can identify the sender and channel. Different type of information is transmitted together with Video/Audio stream. Some of it may be of some interest to installers such as packet ID, or program name. The exact description can be found on the manufacturer's website.
Channel identification

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Merač úrovne signálu TV/FM/Sat PROLINK 3+
Kód tovaru: R10730