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The TRANS-DATA LTE DZ6/8 A741008 is an external omnidirectional antenna intended for the LTE A6777 repeater. It offers a gain of 6 dBi in the 698-960 MHz band, and 8 dBi in the 1710-2700 MHz band, which makes it perfect for receiving LTE signal.
Key features:
  • Outdoor omnidirectional,
  • Broadband 698-960 MHz, 1710-2700 MHz (LTE),
  • Gain 6-8 dBi,
  • Low VSWR <2,
  • Ideal for an LTE repeater installed in the city.
TRANS-DATA is a brand of high quality antennas for wireless reception and transmission of digital data. Thanks to high quality materials and very good performance, the antennas are characterized by reliable and stable parameters. TRANS-DATA antennas significantly improve signal strength and increase the coverage area.

Distinguishing features of TRANS-DATA antennas:
  • High quality products,
  • Stable parameters,
  • Robust design,
  • Strong and stable mounting systems,
  • Good value for money,
  • Careful quality control of raw materials, components, and final products.

Technické dáta

Name TRANS-DATA LTE DZ6/8 antenna
Product code A741008
Product type Communication antenna
type transmission technology SISO antenna
directionality Omnidirectional
Connector type N
number 1
Applications LTE700, 5G (700 MHz), LTE800 (800 MHz), GSM900, UMTS900, LTE900 (900 MHz), LTE1800 (1800 MHz), LTE2100, UMTS2100 (2100 MHz), LTE2600 (2600 MHz)
Manufacturer DIPOL
Brand Trans-Data
Aplikácie outdoor
Operating band MHz 698-960, 1700-2700
Max. gain dBi 8
Impedance Ohm 50
Radiation angle vertical polarization H/V° 360/25
Polarization V
DC-shorted No
Max. mast diameter mm 60
Dimensions mm Φ76 × 1150
Packaging Cardboard box
Weight kg