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Offset 80cm dish for receiving programs from one or two close satellites (multifeed configuration).
The dish has stable structure that ensures perfect reception of satellite broadcasts. Another advantage of the dish is quick installation (our technician needs two minutes). In most European countries it is ideal dish for receiving satellite programs and platforms from Astra and Hotbird. It is suitable for Monoblock LNBs. All details are carefully designed and manufactured.
The diameter of the dish enables trouble-free reception of HD channels from Hotbird and Astra satellites throughout the user's country.

Technické dáta

Name SP 30
Product type Satellite dish
type Offset
Size cm 80
Manufacturer FAMAVAL
Color marking RAL 7035
Reflector Material Steel
thickness mm
Dimensions mm 795 × 730
Gain for 11.7 GHz dBi
for 12.7 GHz dBi
Focal length mm 521
Elevation angle ° 17...58
f/D ratio -
LNB mounting diameter mm 40
Max. mast diameter mm 60
Dimensions mm 845 × 779
Weight kg