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Steel Satellite Dish: FAMAVAL 100 LH [graphite]
View of the antenna

Steel Satellite Dish: FAMAVAL 100 LH [graphite]
View from the mast side

The FAMAVAL 100 LH A9665 steel satellite dish (dimensions 98 cm x103 cm) offers excellent signal reception. The A9665 high-tech steel dish is extremely weather resistant.

The LH series satellite dishes are manufactured according to high quality standards by Portuguese company Famaval. The dish diameter provides reliable reception of HD channels from one or two close satellite positions (multifeed configuration). Use the FAMAVAL A9892 bracket or the A9895 universal bracket for the second LNB.

Product Satellite dish 100 cm
steel+galvanized+A-E LH paint
External dimensions mm 980x1030
Real reflector size mm 900x948
Focal length mm 663
Max. mast diameter mm 60
LNB neck diameter mm 23/40
Elevation adjustment range deg. 10.5/53.5
Reflector material type   steel
Reflector thickness mm 1.1
Reflector weight kg 4.7
Color   graphite
Mast mount   steel
Mount type   Azimuth-Elevation
Mount weight kg 3.3
Gain at 11.50 [GHz] dB 39.5
Gain at 12.75 [GHz] dB 40.5

Technické dáta

Product type Satellite dish
type Offset
Size cm 100
Color Dark
Manufacturer FAMAVAL
Reflector Material Steel
thickness mm
Dimensions mm 900 × 948
Gain for 11.7 GHz dBi
for 12.7 GHz dBi
Focal length mm 663
Elevation angle ° 10.5...53.5
LNB mounting diameter mm 40
Max. mast diameter mm 60
Dimensions mm 980 × 1030
Weight kg 8