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Double Mount ZEZ 80/120 (for 2 LNBs on TELMOR 120 TT Standard dish)
Double mount ZEZ 80/120 for 2 LNBs on TELMOR 120 TT Standard dish
The mount is used to assemble a second LNB to the TELMOR 120 TT Standard dish. With two LNBs, it is possible to receive signals from Hotbird 13E and Astra 19.2E.
Key features
  • suitable for Hotbird 13E + Astra19.2E,
  • adjustable distance between two LNBs for application on 80 cm and 120 cm dishes,
  • angular distance between satellites: 6–9 degrees,
  • for LNBs with 40 mm neck diameter.

Technické dáta

Name ZEZ 80/120
Product type Converter bracket
Compatibility Manufacturer Telmor
dish size 120 cm
Number of LNBs pcs. 2
Angle between the LNBs ° 6 – 9