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Power Separator: TERRA PI012 (20VDC/800mA)
View of the separator
Key features
  • dSCR/Unicable multiswitches powered via the main signal bus cables
  • DC pass (max. 20 V, 800 mA)
  • permitted 22kHz, DiSEqC control signals
  • die-cast housing
The PI012 B4060 power separator is intended for use with dSCR/Unicable multiswitches (powered via the main signal bus cables) and features a DC pass (20 V, 800 mA). Its die-cast housing ensures high screening performance by preventing the penetration of interfering signals into the unit.
Name  PI012
Operating band  47...2400 MHz
Attenuation  < 1.5 dB
DC pass (max.)
20 V /  800 mA 
Operating temperature
 80 x 40 x 19 mm
0.08 kg


Technické dáta

Product type Power separator
Manufacturer TERRA
Name PI012
Dimensions mm 80 × 40 × 19
Weight kg
Operating band MHz 47 – 2400
Loss dB
DC IN power supply V/A 20/0.8