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High quality TRISET PLUS coaxial cable is E1016_500 dedicated for both, individual and community antenna systems, LSZH (LS0H) - halogen-free sheath, is used in places where increased fire safety is required (high-rise and residential buildings, public buildings). It can be successfully used in digital terrestrial television systems for distribution of DVB-T, FM/DAB, DVB-S/S2 broadcasts (also in multiswitch systems).
Inner cooper conductor with a diameter of 1.13mm and triple shield - Al/PET/SY foil (first) bonded to the dielectric + 81% density braid + Al/PET foil (second) boded to the sheath.
Note: as of March 2021, TRISET PLUS Dca LSZH E1016 cable has replaced:
Key features
  • complies with A+ class requirements,
  • reaction to fire class compliant with CPR - Dca-s2, d1, a1,
  • LSZH (LS0H) - halogen-free sheath,
  • triple shield Al/PET/SY foil (first) bonded to the dielectric + 81% density braid + Al/PET foil (second) bonded to the sheath,
  • passed IEC 68-2-3 Steady State Damp Heat test,
  • 1.13mm copper core,
  • low loss,
  • excellent impedance matching,
  • high screening efficiency - meeting the class A++ requirements in most of the range,
  • 81% braid coverage,
  • 5-year warranty.

Smernica CPR – koaxiálne a krútené dvojlinky odporúčané pre nízkoprúdové inštalácie v bytových domoch.

For more on cable fire resistance classes, read The CPR Directive - the new cable order
TRISET cables are compliant with Construction Products Regulation (CPR) and EN 50575 harmonized standard that specifies reaction to fire performance requirements, test and assessment methods for cables used for the supply of electricity and for control and communication purposes, which are intended for use in construction works and subject to performance requirements on reaction to fire.
TRISET PLUS E1016 75 ohm coaxial cable has been examined by L.S. Fire Testing Institute Srl notified body (NB 2479) and got Dca-s2, d1, a1 reaction to fire class.
TRISET PLUS E1016 75 ohm coaxial cable complies with the EN50117 standard and A class requirements in the whole 5...3000 MHz transmission frequency range.

The cable has a declaration of conformity with CPR, LVD, RoHS.

The cable is sold in the quantities:
Graph showing FIGRA (fire growth rate) and THR (total heat rate) for TRISET PLUS Dca LSZH Class A+ E1016. FIGRA is an indicator of the flame spread rate used for the classification of classes B1ca, B2ca, Cca and Dca. At time t = 398 sec. FIGRA = 323 W/s (red line). THR is the total heat release between the beginning and the end of the test at 1200 sec. (excluding the fire initiating source). At the time t = 1200 sec. THR was 15.3 MJ. According to EN 50399 (20.5 kW Burner) the FIGRA is ≤ 1300 W/s. and the THR is ≤ 70 MJ.

Graph showing the heat release rate (HRR) for TRISET PLUS Dca LSZH Class A+ E1016 cable. HRR is the heat release rate, the rate of heat release averaged over a 30-second moving average. At the time t = 513 sec. HRR = 65.1 kW. According to EN 50399 (20.5 kW Burner) the HRR is ≤ 400 kW.
Graph showing the smoke production rate (SPR) for TRISET PLUS Dca LSZH Class A+ E1016 cable. SPR is the smoke production rate averaged over a 60-second moving average. At the time t = 504 sec. SPR = 0.11 m2
Graph showing the total smoke production (TSP) for the TRISET PLUS Dca LSZH Class A+ E1016 cable. TSP is the total amount of smoke released from the beginning to the end of the test. At the time t = 1200 sec. TSP = 28.7 m2.
TRISET PLUS E1016 has 81% braid coverage to guarantee high screening efficiency and protect the transmitted signals against interference.

High quality, triple shielded (Al/PET/SY foil (first) bonded to the dielectric + 81% density braid + Al/PET foil (second) bonded to the sheath) RG6 coaxial cable has an inner conductor made of 1.13 mm diameter copper wire, which ensures very low insertion loss. The core dose not corrode, and the cable is not stiff.
Thanks to high quality and excellent parameters the TRISET PLUS E1016 cable enjoys great popularity among many installers. Optimum flexibility of the sheath allows for easy cable installation in shafts, as well as installation or junction boxes.
The cable is manufactured under strict quality standards, with tight tolerances.
In order to secure the minimum bend radius, flush mounted installations should be done with the use of protective conduits.

Screening efficiency of TRISET PLUS cable in the 30-3000 MHz range
and requirements for the A+ class.
Transfer impedance of TRISET PLUS cable in the 5-30 MHz range
and requirements for the A+ class.

Return loss in the 5-2400 MHz frequency range
Signal propagation velocity in the 5-2400 MHz frequency range
The increase of attenuation after the accelerated aging test (IEC68-2-3) is below 5%.
Coaxial cables undergo a natural aging process which results in increasing attenuation. The quality of a cable in the process of accelerated aging is tested according to IEC68-2-3 standard. The Triset cable passed the test and its quality is guaranteed by a 5-year warranty.

Note ! The TRISET PLUS LSZH Dca E1016 cable has replaced the TRISET HF E1019 version. From March 1, 2021, TRISET PLUS E1016 is manufactured with the LSZH (HF) sheath.
According to the EN50117 norm,coaxial cables are divided into the following classes, depending on their screening efficiency: C, B, A, A+, A++.
Taking into consideration cables for antenna systems, Triset 113 has the highest screening efficiency, between A and A+.
Classes of screening efficiency
Class\freq. range
5-30 MHz [mΩ/m] 30-1000 MHz [dB] 1-2 GHz [dB] 2-3 GHz [dB]
C 50 75 65 55
B 15 75  65 55
A 5 85  75 65
A+ 2.5 95  85 75
A++ 0.9 105  95 85



Price for 500m

Technické dáta

Product type Coaxial cable
Cable length m 500
Aplikácie Indoor
Cable class RG-6
Compliance with relevant national legislation Yes
CPR class Dca
Gel-filled cable No
Fyzikálne vlastnosti
Impedance Ohm 75
Screening efficiency class A+
Transfer impedance TI mΩ/m <1.2
Conductor Material Coper
Diameter mm
Dielectric foaming Physical
Diameter mm
No. of plies 3
First foil bonded to dielectric Yes
Material Al/PET/SY
Dimensions μm 40/12/30
total thickness μm 85
Braid Material Aluminium
wire diameter mm
no. of wires pcs. 24 × 6
winding angle degree
braid coverage 81
Second foil bonded to sheath Yes
Material Al/PET
total thickness μm 25
sheath Material LSZH
thickness mm
Diameter mm
Color White (RAL 9010)
Elektrické parametre
Resistance at 20°C Ω/km
capacity pF/m 52
Wave reduction factor 84
Mechanické vlastnosti
Pracovná teplota °C -30...+70
Installation temperature °C -5...+40
Minimum bending radius mm 70 (single) 140 (repeated)
Spool Diameter mm 390
Width mm 280
spool hole diameter mm 53
cable quantity m 500