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The four-spoke ALU 600 rack is designed for the storage of fiber optic cable in telecommunications manholes, on walls and poles (square or round poles, using the E88819 spacer). It ensures that the correct bending radius of the cable is maintained. Quantity of cable dia. 8mm – 100 m, dia. 10mm – 60 m.
100% corrosion-resistant aluminum design. The spokes are welded so there is no risk of loosening and corrosion of the joint.
Using the AD3 E88822 adapter, the TRACOM MDU B16 L5616 fiber optic joint box can be mounted in the rack.
Using the AD3 E88823 adapter, the TRACOM MDU B08 L5608 fiber optic joint box can be mounted in the rack.

Technické dáta

Product type Cable supply rack
Name ALU 600
Material Aluminium
Spoke width mm 30
Spoke thickness mm 4
Reserve reel diameter mm 600
Approximate stock length m 100 (diameter 8 mm), 60 (diameter 10 mm)
Weight kg
Dimensions mm 600 × 600 × 89