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The KMA20-223 E93352 bracket has been designed to place a modern OLED/LCD monitor on a wall. Its load capacity is 25 kg. The wall mount allows easy adjustment of tilt in the range of-12o to +3o and rotation from -90o to +90o. The distance between the monitor and the wall, depending on the setting, ranges from 65 to 408 mm.

Key features:
  • Screen size range: 23"... 42”
  • Tilt adjustment: -12o ... +3o
  • Horizontal rotation range: -90o ... +90o
  • Load capacity: 25 kg
  • Distance from wall: 65 - 408 mm
  • Mounting interface: VESA 75x75, 100x100, 200x100, 200x200
The mount has been tested for endurance. During the test, the actual load was 3 times greater than the rated load capacity. After a series of 5000 movements, the structure of the joints did not show excessive wear.
The mount has to be fixed to walls ensuring sufficient strength.
If you are uncertain about the strength of the wall, consult a professional installation company.
The set contains all components needed for typical installation. In some specific conditions, other elements or tools may be required. These should be supplied by professionals installing this type of hardware.
Safety warnings.
The set includes assembly instructions. If you do not understand them, or have any doubts about the safety of the installation, please contact a qualified installer.
Before mounting, please check carefully to make sure there are no missing or defective parts. If you have any doubts, do not proceed with the installation.
Some operations should be performed by two people!
Improper installation may cause damage or serious injury.
Do not use this product for any other purpose than specified.
Neither the producer nor distributor shall be liable for any damage or injury caused by incorrect mounting, incorrect assembly, or incorrect use.
Collective package contains 5 mounts.

Technické dáta

Product type Monitor bracket
Manufacturer SIGNAL
type Wall
Name KMA20-223
Adjustment Yes
TV/monitor size inches 23 – 42
VESA standard 75 × 75, 100 × 100, 200 × 100, 200 × 200
Distance from wall mm 65 – 408
Load capacity kg 25
Horizontal rotation degree -90...+90
Vertical tilt degree -12...+3
Dimensions mm 228 × 224 × 400
Own weight kg