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F&Home Radio System: rH-SERWER LR (main unit - Long Range)
General view

F&Home Radio System: rH-SERWER LR (main unit - Long Range)
Rear view

F&Home Radio System: rH-SERWER LR (main unit - Long Range)
The included accessories
The rH-SERWER LR is the main device for control of the elements of the F&Home Radio system. The server is equipped with two bi-directional radio modules to communicate with other system components. A supplementary program allows the user to configure and control all components of the system, both locally as well as remotely via the Internet or a cellular network. The range of the server is much longer (up to 300 m) than of the standard version (rH-SERWER F1001).

Representation in the programming software:
The symbol of rH-SERWER LR
The server is controlled in the programming software via the dedicated SX512 element. The server has two reset inputs and six outputs informing about the status of the device. Other two inputs and two outputs are used to manage global settings for the beginning and end of the night period.
  • Cold Restart input - rising edge of the signal restarts the operating system
  • Warm Restart input - rising edge of the signal restarts the Main and Router routines
  • Ambient Illumination Level input - for connecting a light sensor. The measured levels:
    • 0 - very dark
    • 1 - dark
    • 2 - intermediate
    • 3 - almost brightly
    • 4 - brightly
    When the input is not connected, the value is calculated based on the astronomical clock
  • Night mode switch input - the change of the logical state '0'to the logical state '1' switches the mode from 'day' to 'night'. Change of the logical '1 'to the logical '0' forces the change from the 'night' to 'day' mode. The current logical value determines the corresponding settings for "lighting scenes" activated the motion sensor.
  • Internet output - indicates connection with the Internet, Cloud output - indicates connection with VPN server providing Cloud service. For both outputs, PING probes are run, and round trip times are obtained. The refresh cycle is 60 seconds.
  • Router output - indicates activity of Router subroutine. The Router subroutine responds to ECHO command. The refresh cycle is 10 seconds.
  • Project Changed output - indicates change of project; the logical state '1' (20 ms) is generated after starting the project and change to logical '1' at the Stabilized output.
  • Stabilized output - indicates stability of the server after uploading new project or restart.
  • Button pressed output - the logical state '1' is generated in the moment of pressing 'Project' button on the unit. The refresh cycle is 100 ms.
  • Solar Illumination Level output - calculated level of daylight:
    • 0 - very dark
    • 1 - dark
    • 2 - intermediate
    • 3 - almost brightly
    • 4 - brightly
    Refresh cycle is 60 seconds
  • Night mode output:
    • 0 - day
    • 1 - night
About the system:
More information on the system can be found in the article
Name rH-SERWER LR (main unit)
Code F1002
Power 100-240V AC/ 12V
Radio channel [MHz] 868
Radio interface two independent radio modules
Transmission two-way
Topology star
Free space range
300 m
 Marvell 6284 CPU (1 GHz)
RAM [MB] 256 
Operating system Linux Debian
Connectors 1 x RJ45 10/100/1000Mbps (GbE) Ethernet port
3 x USB 2.0 (for 3G modem)
Communication protocols
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
LAN IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u
Operating temperature range
Dimensions [mm] 240x140x57
IP rating
IP 20


Technické dáta

Name Head controller of rH-SERWER LR system
Product type Server
System F&Home Radio
Mounting Free-standing
Transmission type Two-way
Aplikácie indoor
Power supply voltage VDC 12
Ports 3 × USB, RJ-45
WiFi Yes (802.11b/g/n)
Range m 300
Protection rating IP20
Pracovná teplota °C 0...+45
Dimensions mm 240 × 140 × 57