Kód tovaru: F5104
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The RNP-01 F5104 and RNP-02 F5105 radio transmitters allow for remote control of devices from the EXTA FREE system. They are mounted in junction boxes under the existing switches (monostable push buttons). This solution is very useful and results in easy installation of EXTA FREE system without interference in existing wiring system. There is a possibility of using equipment of any manufacturer, in accordance with any project.
Key features:
  • Wireless transmitter mounted in Ø 60 mm junction box,
  • Powered from 230 VAC line
  • Remote control of EXTA FREE devices
  • Possibility of connection to a traditional household switch
  • Low power consumption, possibility of continuous operation
  • Possibility of independent control of four devices (receivers)
  • Long range (up to 200 m)
  • Optical indication of operation
  • Possibility of simultaneous switching on/off any number of EXTA FREE devices (receivers)
The RNP-01 F5104 four-channel radio transmitter controls the RDP-01 F5301 radio dimmer (switching on/off and dimming/lighting up), or remotely controlled AC outlet RWG-01 F5224 (switching on/off). The receivers can also be controlled by 8-channel remote control P-256/8 F5118. The RNP-01 F5104 transmitter can be mounted under an existing traditional light switch (on the condition that it can be connected to 230 VAC power line - to L and N wires).
Name 4-channel Radio Transmitter Exta Free RNP-01
Code F5104
Supplying voltage  [V] 230 V AC
Frequency band [MHz] 868
Number of channels
Transmission range [m] up to 200
IP rating
Dimensions [mm] 46x46x20
Weight [kg] 0.038



Technické dáta

Name RNP-01 Exta Free radio keypad transmitter
Product type
System Exta Free
Transmission type
Frequency MHz 868
Aplikácie indoor
Number of transmitters 4
Power supply voltage VAC 230
Protection rating IP20
Dimensions mm 46 × 46 × 20