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View of the SATEL INTEGRA INT-TSG-BSB keypad
The INT-TSG touchscreen keypad is used for control and programming of INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus control panels. It is an ideal solution for the users of INTEGRA alarm systems looking for the same level of comfort at everyday use as in the case of modern smartphones and tablets. The combination of small size and attractive design makes it a good choice for both modern and classic interiors. The distinctive feature of this device is small depth of the enclosure, which allows for perfect integration of the keypad with the supporting wall.
An attractive look is only the beginning of the list of its advantages. The 4.3" LCD color graphic display provides a completely new way of everyday use of INTEGRA systems. The capacitive technology used for the touch panel allows for easy operation with a finger. Large, readable icons make it easy to use the system's capabilities.
Apart from basic arming and disarming commands, MACRO features of the INT-TSG keypad allow the user to trigger action sequences by single commands. It is a good solution for making use of intelligent home automation features available in INTEGRA systems.
For example, "movie" command may lower the blinds, fold out the projection screen and change or dim the lighting. The INT-TSG keypad also provides an easy access to the information on current system status. Thanks to the status screen customization possibilities, a single glance at the display can be enough to find out if the system is armed, if the outdoor lighting is on or if the garden watering is currently on. The status screen may also be used as a digital photo frame.
The front of the INT-TSG-BSB keypad is black, the edge of the device is silver
  • 4.3" capacitive touch screen reacting even to a slight touch
  • color graphical intuitive user interface with the ability of customization
  • MACRO functionality allowing realization of a sequence of actions using a single command
  • LEDs informing about the current system status
  • 2 zones
  • possibility to activate PANIC, FIRE and AUX alarms
Code G2107
Supply voltage [V] 12 VDC
Max. current consumption 265 mA
Supported memory cards
micro SD, micro SDHC
Environmental class according to EN50130-5 II
Maximum humidity 93 %
Weight [kg] 0.165


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Technické dáta

Product type
Brand Satel
Compatibility Integra
Communication method
Communication with the user
Screen diagonal "
Electrical specifications
Power supply DC V
Standby current drawn mA 250
Max. current consumption mA 265
Environmental class acc. to EN50130-5 II
Pracovná teplota °C -10 ...+ 55
Max. humidity 93+/-3
Dimensions mm 120 × 92 × 14
Weight kg