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Self-adhesive PCB Spacer LCBSB-4-01A-RT
View of the self-adhesive PCB spacer
Self-adhesive PCB Spacer LCBSB-4-01A-RT
Rear view
The LCBSB-4-01A-RT self-adhesive PCB spacers are designed for mounting electronic PCB circuits (e.g. control panels) on flat surfaces without mounting holes. Such a surface must be flat, smooth and degreased.
  • length L = 6.4 mm,
  • PCB hole diameter range: 4...4.2 mm
  • the mounting surface must be flat, smooth and degreased

Technické dáta

Model LCBSB-4-01A-RT
Brand Ropam
Product type Spacer sleeve
Compatibility Control panels
PCB hole mm 4 – 4.2
Length mm
Weight kg