Kód tovaru: G73664
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DS-KD-IN is an indicator module that uses illuminated icons to inform the user about the status of the door station: calling, talking, opening the door. It is designed to work with the second generation Hikvision IP video intercom system. It is equipped with two RS485 connectors dedicated for communication and power supply (from) another module. The DS-KD8003-IME1 camera main module powered by DC 12 V or PoE (802.3af) is required for its operation.
Key features:
  • status indicator calls, conversations, doors opening,
  • configuration using iVMS-4200,
  • main module required for operation DS-KD8003-IME1.
Latest software under link.

Second generation Hikvision IP video intercom system
Second generation Hikvision IP video intercom systems are characterized by aesthetic appearance and high functionality. The door station has a modular structure which means that its elements can be selected depending on the installation requirements. It always includes a main module which enables powering of other modules and optionally expansion modules (max. 8).
  • DS-KD8003-IME1/EU G73652 - main module of IP video intercom,
  • DS-KD-E G73660 - EM 125 kHz card reader module,
  • DS-KD-M G73662 - Mifare 13,56 MHz card reader module,
  • DS-KD-IN G73664 - indicator module,
  • DS-KD-KK G73666 - 6-button name tag module,
  • DS-KD-KP G73668 - numerical keypad module,
  • DS-KD-DIS G73670 - display module,
  • DS-KD-BK G73672 - blank module.
Diagram of the second generation Hikvision IP video intercom system
The door station can be expanded with 1, 2 and 3 modular flush and surface frames, which can be combined with each other, allowing the construction of both small and large systems. Functional touch screens with an aesthetic appearance allow for operation, image preview from door stations and IP cameras, making intercom connections as well as local and remote door opening using the Hik-Connect application.

Technické dáta

Model DS-KD-IN
Manufacturer Hikvision
Product type Indicator module
System IP modular, 2-wire modular
Product generation II
Installation Surface-mounted, Flush-mounted
Housing material Plastic
Color Black
Indikátor stavu Call, talk, door opening
DiP Switch 8
Power supply DC V 12 (from main module or another module)
Output voltage DC V 12 (to power another module)
Power consumption W max. 2
Protection rating IP65
Pracovná teplota °C -40...60
Humidity 10...95
Dimensions mm 98 × 100 × 34
Weight kg