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The PC-019D patch cable includes two multimode optical cables with a length of 5 metres. The cables are terminated with two SC connectors on both sides. The SC are currently the most popular connectors due to the simple snap-in engagement, rectangular cross-section enabling dense packing of the connectors on a panel, the plastic structure (except for the ferrule, of course).
The optical fiber used in the patch cable is OM2. It provides full compatibility with existing fiber-optic networks based on multimode fibers. The average fiber attenuation is 3.5 dB/km at 850 nm and 1.5 dB/km at 1310 nm. The optical fiber is reinforced by aramid fibers (Kevlar) and covered with PVC sheath.
Key features:
  • connectors: 2x SC/UPC - 2x SC/UPC
  • one multimode fibre
  • length - 5 m
  • low insertion loss

Technické dáta

Product type Patchcord
type Duplex
Fiber type Multimode
Connector type A SC/UPC
Connector type B SC/UPC
Fiber standard OM2
Name PC-019D
Length m 5
Insertion loss (IL) A connector dB < 0.25 (A1, A2)
B connector dB < 0.25 (B1, B2)