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The PC-015D patch cable includes two multimode optical cables with a length of 5 metres. The cables are terminated with optical connectors on both sides. On one side with two SC connectors and on the other side with two LC/UPC connectors. The SC and LC are currently the most popular connectors. The SC connectors have simple snap-on connection, rectangular cross-section enabling dense packing of connectors on a panel. The LC connectors have a snap-fit connection and are most commonly used in SFP modules due to their small size.
The optical fiber used in the patch cable is OM2. It provides full compatibility with existing fiber-optic networks based on multimode fibers. The average fiber attenuation is 3.5 dB/km at 850 nm and 1.5 dB/km at 1310 nm. The optical fiber is reinforced by aramid fibers (Kevlar) and covered with PVC sheath.
Key features:
  • connectors: 2x SC/UPC - 2x LC/UPC
  • two multimode fibres
  • length - 5 m
  • low insertion loss

Technické dáta

Product type Patchcord
type Duplex
Fiber type Multimode
Connector type A SC/UPC
Connector type B LC/UPC
Fiber standard OM2
Name PC-015D
Length m 5
Insertion loss (IL) A connector dB < 0.25 (A1, A2)
B connector dB < 0.25 (B1, B2)