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The PC-515D2 patch cable is includes two fiber optic cables with a length of 5 metres. The cable is terminated with al LC and connector on one side and an SC connector on the other. LC connectors are easy to install and can be densely packed into optical ports. The SC are the most popular fiber optic connectors.
Key features:
  • connectors: 2x SC - 2x LC
  • two single-mode fibers (G.657A1)
  • length - 5 m
  • low insertion loss

Technické dáta

Product type Patchcord
type Duplex
Fiber type Single-mode
Connector type A SC/UPC
Connector type B LC/UPC
Fiber standard G.657A1
Name PC-515D2
Length m 5
Insertion loss (IL) A connector dB < 0.25 (A1, A2)
B connector dB < 0.25 (B1, B2)