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The ULTIMODE RPU-324B L51340 rack-mount fiber optic distribution frame allows for terminating 24 optical fibers in a RACK cabinet. The 1U-high unit is provided with three front modules, each intended for eight SC simplex adapters (or LC duplex). So, in total the frame can accommodate 24 adapters. Additional accessories can be bought separately: front panel L51341 with holes for eight SC duplex adapters, blank front panel L51342 protecting the frame against dust etc.
The unit is made of powder-coated steel sheet, powder-painted in black. The front part of the unit can be slid out of the housing mounted in a RACK cabinet. Both the exchangeable front modules and the pull-out part are secured with Allen screws. The standard equipment is a splice cassette, housing up to 32 splices (in a two-layer layout; 16 in a single-layer configuration). Additional splice cassette can be purchased separately (code L55061).
At the back of the unit there are 4 holes for 22 mm cables (it is possible to mount cable fittings). Additional 6 mm wide notches allow for mounting the housing after completing all connections.
A unique feature of the kit is the availability of 24 screws for mounting adapters in the front panel.
Optional accessories:
  • L51341: Front Panel for ULTIMODE RPU-324 Distribution Frame (8x SC duplex, BLACK)
  • L51342: Blank Front Panel for ULTIMODE RPU-324 Distribution Frame (BLACK)
  • L55061: Splice Tray ULTIMODE R-16 (for ULTIMODE RPU distribution frames)
Key features:
  • Three exchangeable 8x SC simplex modules (optional modules available)
  • Front panel secured with Allen screws
  • The kit includes splice tray for up to 32 splices
  • Ability to accommodate another splice tray
  • 4 openings for cables
  • Pull-out design
  • Notches for cable ties (allowing for holding spare lengths of cables/fibers)
  • Screws for mounting adapters included
Gray version available: L51320

Technické dáta

Product type Distribution frame
Name RPU-324B
Installation RACK
Height U 1
Color Black
Front panel included Yes
Sliding mounting panel Yes
Port type SC simplex/LC duplex
No. of front panel ports pcs. 24
Splice tray capacity pcs. 16/32
Splice trays included pcs. 1
Max. no. of cassettes pcs. 2
Dimensions mm 440 × 220 × 42
Weight kg