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Ultimode quick assembly connectors are suitable for terminating optical fiber cables. They are an alternative to pigtail connections or SoC (Splice on Connector) which require the use of a fiber optic splicer. This solution is ideal for CCTV, LAN and FTTH systems in which keeping the connection loss below 0.1 dB is not critical for the operation or acceptance of the installation. The actual loss of the quick assembly connectors of 0.25 - 0.5 dB is not an issue for typical point-to-point switch-to-switch, camera-to-switch, media converter-to-switch connections and so on.
Compared to typical splicing of pigtails, the key advantage of this solution no need to use joint boxes to protect the connection of the pigtail with the fiber of the cable. This saves the time to make the connection and money (the cost of a connector vs. purchasing: the pigtail, splice protector, joint box, adapter, patch cable). For that reason the quick assembly connectors are most commonly used for connecting FTTH subscribers or in CCTV systems, where limited space in media converter boxes prevents installation of fiber optic boxes.
Typically, the quick assembly connectors are used for single-fiber or multi-fiber cables, but using only one fiber (250 μm diameter). It is possible to use several connectors on several fibers within one cable, but the fibers have to be with a primary coating with a diameter of 900 μm. The kit includes a suitable adapter for secure mounting of the connector on such fiber. The use of quick assembly connectors on multiple 250 μm fibers is not recommended.
Key features
  • quick assembly SC/APC connector
  • for round cables with a diameter up to 3 mm (e.g. L7402, L7202) and 3x2 mm flat cables (e.g. L7102)
  • for single-mode systems, regardless of the fiber standard
  • quick and easy installation (about 3 minutes)
  • minimum loss 0.25 dB (typically 0.5 dB)
  • repeatable connection quality
Tools required to make connections with Ultimode connectors:
  • L5905 stripper – for cutting and stripping the outer jacket, removing the buffer of the cladding,
  • Ultimode Fast L5715 measure for quick and easy measurement of the fibre stripping and cutting length,
  • dust-free wipes L5913 and IPA solvent cleaner L5915 for fibre cleaning before cutting,
  • fiber optic cleaver L5882 for precise fiber cutting.
  • scissors for Kevlar L5904, very useful for cutting aramid fibres,
  • visual fault locator VFL L5935 for quick testing of the connections made (recommended!),
  • fiber scraps trash can L5918.
Note: the Ultimode Fast L5715 measure and the L5882 fiber optic cleaver can be replaced with the F1-6000 L5801 cleaver. For faster installation it is recommended to use the first solution. The L5882 cleaver also offers much better cutting quality compared to the L5801. An advantage of the F1-6000 cleaver is its trouble-free operation throughout its life: no need to change or adjust the blade height, which may be required for the L5882 cleaver.
Example of fiber optic patch cable with a custom length using Optix the L7402 cable and UPC and APC Ultimode quick assembly connectors.

Testing the connections: left side - visual fault locator, right side - patch cable loss (cable + 2 connectors) is 1.03 dB (light source -5.0 dBm, meter indication -6.03 dBm).

Technické dáta

Product type Mechanical connector
Name ESC925T-APC
connector type SC/APC
Fiber type Single-mode
Cable diameter mm < 3.5
Fiber diameter μm 250, 900
Loss minimum dB
typical +/-0.5
Dimensions mm 50 × 8 × 8
Weight kg