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The cable is also sold per meter under the item L7002.
Indoor cable DRAKA TV00695 2E class B2ca
2 single-mode G.657A2 fibers.
Fiber optic profile Prysmian IC-ROUND 02J7A2
Key features:
  • suitable for indoor use
  • LSZH-FR (white RAL9002) sheath
  • max. pulling force 500 N
  • fibers protected with microtube
  • reinforced by aramid yarn for basic rodent protection
  • convenient preparation
  • CPR class: B2ca
Prysmian IC-ROUND 02J7A2 is a DROP cable used in indoor systems. It is suitable for both, residential and office buildings. Two single mode fibers (G.657A2 standard) are placed in a microtube. Aramid yarn used in the cable protects the central tube with optical fibers against mechanical damage and rodents.
Cable sheath made of LSZH material with reaction to fire class:
B2ca-s1a, d1, a1.
The requirements for using cables with a specific reaction to fire class in a given type of building should be based on a risk analysis made by the installation designer or other national formal and legal documents. The CPR Directive does not impose on the EU Member States the requirements for types of buildings and associated cables with specific fire reaction classes. The reaction to fire class of cables and other conductors installed within evacuation routes should not be less than B2ca-s1b, d1, a1.
Standards complied with:
  • EN 50173-1
  • EN 60794-1
  • EN 60794-2
Fire-resistance standards:
  • EN 60332-1-2
  • EN 50575 + A1 - class B2ca-s1a,d1,a1.
Name (cable type) TV00695
Code L7002
Number of fibers 2
Cable outer diameter 2.8 mm
Cable weight -
Type of fibres single mode,
G.657A2 9/125 μm
Single fiber sheath 250 μm
Maximum pulling force 500 N
Crush strength 500 N /100 mm
Min. bending radius (static) 28 mm
Operating temperature - 10... 60oC
Cable structure:
1. Sheath
2. Aramid fiber sheath
3. Microtube
4. Optical fiber

Customers can order any patch cords made to order with required terminating connectors. Please contact your sales assistant.
Price for 1 m of DRAKA TV00695 2E optical cable (2 fibers G.657A2)

Technické dáta

Product type Fiber optic cable
Name IC-ROUND 02J7A2
Cable type Indoor
Number of fibers 2
Fibers type Single-mode, 9/125
standard G.657A2
buffer 250 μm
CPR class B2ca
Outer sheath material LSZH
Hydrophobic gel No
Gain Aramid fibers
Central tube Yes
Outer diameter mm
Maximum pulling force dynamic N 500
Min. bending radius static mm 30
installation mm 30
Temperature range operation °C -10...+60
Spool Diameter mm 500
Width mm 430
Weight kg/km
Cable length m 1000