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Universal fiber optic cable for indoor and outdoor applications ULTIMODE UNI-24MM-A
with 24 multimode OM3 fibers contained in gel-filled central tube.
Universal Cable: ULTIMODE UNI-24MM-A OM3 (24xOM3)
A look at the construction of the cable
Key features:
  • gel-filled central tube
  • reinforced by aramid yarn
  • 24 multimode OM3 fibers in tight tube
  • LSZH jacket
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • thinner and lighter than outdoor cables
ULTIMODE UNI-24MM-A OM3 is a universal fiber optic cable for indoor and outdoor applications. Multimode OM3 fibers are contained in central gel-filled tube. The gel in the tube is a kind of protective coating for optical fibers, which absorbs mechanical stresses and protects the fibers against environmental factors. The aramid yarn covering the central tube provides additional protection against mechanical damage, including risks posed by rodents.
ULTIMODE UNI-24MM-A OM3 cable contains 24 multimode fibers (J-Fibre). The color identification of the buffer layers complies with the TIA-EIA-598-A standard. The jacket (sheath) is made of low smoke zero halogen flame retardant material (LSZH).
The multimode fibers used in the cable are OM3 50/125, currently the most popular multimode fibers that can be used for transmission in the I or II transmission window (850/1310 nm). The attenuation (IL) does not exceed 3.5 dB/km in the first transmission window, and 1.5 dB/km in the second transmission window. OM3 standard provides higher data throughput over greater distances than its predecessors. The transmission speed of 10 Gbps is possible at distances up to 550 m, and higher speeds, such as 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps can be reached at 100 meters (OM1 and OM2 standards do not allow for such fast rates).
Universal cables from ULTIMODE UNI series are gel-filled fiber optic cables intended for horizontal connections in buildings and outside buildings. Due to the small size and flexibility, the cables are ideal for installation in cable ducts. They are used in modern FTTH and FTTB systems, in server rooms, between buildings. Unlike external cables, universal cables can also be used inside buildings. This eliminates the need to create additional transitions, splices and cable distribution frames at the junction of the external and internal networks. Universal cables can be laid in cable ducts or even directly in trenches in the ground (in places where they are not exposed to direct mechanical damage).
Compliance with the following standards:
  • ISO11801 2nd edition
  • EN50173-1:2002
  • IEC60794-3-10
Flammability standards:
  • IEC60332
  • IEC60754-1
  • IEC60754-2
  • IEC61034-2
Code L73124
Number of fibers
External diameter  6 mm
Weight 40 kg/km
Fibers multimode,
OM3 50/125 μm
Max. static pulling force 1000 N
Max. dynamic pulling force 2000 N
Min. bending radius during installation 60 mm
Min. operating bending radius 100 mm
Operating temperature range -30oC...60oC
Installation temperature range -15oC...60oC
Cross-section of a ULTIMODE UNI cable:
1. LSZH jacket (sheath)
2. Aramid yarn
3. Central tube
4. Hydrophobic gel
5. Optical fiber
Color identification of fibers:
1. blue
2. orange
3. green
4. brown
5. gray
6. white
7. red
8. black
9. yellow
10. violet
11. pink
12. turquoise

Above 12, fibers are identified by transverse black stripes.
The range of ULTIMODE universal cables:
  • ULTIMODE UNI-4MM L7354 - 4x OM2 50/125,
  • ULTIMODE UNI-8MM L7358 - 4x OM2 50/125,
  • ULTIMODE UNI-4SM L7644 - 4x G.652.D,
  • ULTIMODE UNI-8SM L7648 - 8x G.652.D,
  • ULTIMODE UNI-4MM-A - 4x OM2 50/125,
  • ULTIMODE UNI-8MM-A L73008 - 8x OM2 50/125,
  • ULTIMODE UNI-12MM-A L73012 - 12x OM2 50/125,
  • ULTIMODE UNI-24MM-A - 24x OM2 50/125,
  • ULTIMODE UNI-4MM-A - 4x OM3 50/125,
  • ULTIMODE UNI-8MM-A - 8x OM3 50/125,
  • ULTIMODE UNI-12MM-A - 12x OM3 50/125,
  • ULTIMODE UNI-24MM-A - 24x OM3 50/125,
  • ULTIMODE UNI-4SM-A - 4x G.652D,
  • ULTIMODE UNI-8SM-A L76008 - 8x G.652D,
  • ULTIMODE UNI-12SM-A L76012 - 12x G.652D,
  • ULTIMODE UNI-24SM-A - 24x G.652D.
Customers can order any patch cords made to order with required terminating connectors. Please contact your sales assistant.
Price for 1 meter of ULTIMODE UNI-24MM-A OM3 (24x OM3) cable

Technické dáta

Product type Fiber optic cable
Cable type Universal
Number of fibers 24
Fibers type Multimode 50/125
standard OM3
buffer 250 μm
Water penetration F5B method No penetration
CPR class Eca
Outer sheath material LSZH
Hydrophobic gel Yes
Gain Fiberglass
Central tube Yes
Outer diameter mm
Central tube diameter mm
Maximum pulling force dynamic N 2000
static N 750
Min. bending radius static mm 60
installation mm 116
Temperature range operation °C -30...60
installation °C -30...40
storage °C -40...60
Weight kg/km 40
Cable length m Sold per meter