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Note: the maximum cable length shipped in a parcel is 500 m. Longer sections can be shipped by courier.
ZTT ADSS fiber optic cables are dielectric cables with a single-tube structure designed for overhead installations with up to 80-metre spans. They are reinforced with aramid fibers and two FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) rods with a diameter of 0.58 mm embedded in the outer sheath. Single-mode G.652D Zero Water Peak fibers are used. The fibers are placed in a central tube filled with hydrophobic gel protecting them against moisture and vibration.
The outer sheath is made of black HDPE resistant to UV radiation and to extreme temperatures (from -40°C to 70°C). The outer diameter of the cable is 6.2 and the maximum installation stress is 1.2 kN. A double ripcord has been provided to facilitate the removal of the outer shell. Apart from overhead systems, the ZTT ADSS cables are successfully used in teletechnical ducting.
Key features:
  • Black HDPE sheath
  • Crush resistance 1000 N
  • Maximum tension force 1200 N
  • 2 FRP bars 0.58 mm
  • Central tube filled with hydrophobic gel

Technické dáta

Product type Fiber optic cable
Brand ZTT
Cable type Outdoor, Self-supporting
Number of fibers 24
Fibers type Single-mode, 9/125
standard G.652D
buffer 250 μm
Water penetration F5B method No penetration
CPR class FCA
Outer sheath material HDPE
Hydrophobic gel Yes
Gain FRP rods, Aramid fibers
Central tube Yes
Outer diameter mm
Central tube diameter mm 2
Crush strength N 1000
Maximum pulling force dynamic N 1000
static N no data
Min. bending radius static mm no data
installation mm 52
Temperature range operation °C -40...70
installation °C -30...60
storage °C no data
Weight kg/km 23
Cable length m Sold per meter