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Alarm Control Panel: ROPAM NeoGSM-IP-PS (WiFi/GSM)
Kód tovaru: G7001
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Záruka - 24 mesiacov
Alarm Control Panel: ROPAM NeoGSM-IP-PS (Wi-Fi/GSM)
View of the NeoGSM-IP-PS control panel
Alarm Control Panel: ROPAM NeoGSM-IP-PS (Wi-Fi/GSM)
Another vie of the panel
Alarm Control Panel: ROPAM NeoGSM-IP-PS (Wi-Fi/GSM)
The included accessories
Alarm Control Panel: ROPAM NeoGSM-IP-PS (Wi-Fi/GSM)
View of the packaging
The NeoGSM-IP-PS is a modern intruder alarm control panel that can combine the functionality of alarm system and simple home automation. The built-in GSM modem and Wi-Fi module allow for remote control of the system based on the control panel. An optional EXP-LAN Ethernet module can be used instead (the application of the module results in switching off the Wi-Fi module). The control panel cooperates with modern touch keypads from TPR-4x/4xS series equipped with microSD card slot and relay output.
Compared to other systems of this category, the NeoGSM-IP-PS control panel has a large amount of resources and functions, such as digital and analog inputs, digital outputs, possibility of integration with video door phones (via optional AMR-1 module), advanced logical functions (using LogicProcessor). The application of APm-Aero access point allows for the integration of the system controlled by the panel with wireless sensors.
Application options of the NeoGSM-IP-PS panel
  • 8-32 programmable inputs (expansion through touch panels, expanders, wireless APm-Aero system);
  • 8-24 programmable outputs (expansion through expanders);
  • 2 independent zones with two arming modes: full, night;
  • users: 32 codes (1 main + 31), 8 telephone numbers for control and signalling, email;
  • support for up 4 touch panels (TPR-4x/4xS series) or touch keypads (TK-3x);
  • built-in GSM and WI-FI modules;
  • optional LAN connection (through EXP-LAN expander);
  • SMS/CALL/E-MAIL/PUSH notifications;
  • support for RopamNeo online control application;
  • IP communication: Wi-Fi/LAN (main) and GPRS (redundant) with automatic switching over;
  • four timers with calendar function for use in automatic control applications;
  • additional advanced logical functions and programmable timers (by using LogicProcessor);
  • programming: local via microUSB or Wi-Fi/ETH, remote via RopamBridge server (GPRS or IP);
  • cooperation with economical PSR-ECO power supplies;
  • support for USSD codes (management of prepaid SIMs);
  • GSM jamming detection;
  • convenient disconnect terminal connectors;
  • compliance with EN 50131-3 (grade 2);
  • power: 17÷20 VAC or 20÷30 VDC (Class II).
Notice! - due to built-in Wi-Fi antenna, the panel shoud be mounted in a plastic housing.
Home/building automation functions:
  • support for wired and wireless temperature and humidity sensors,
  • room thermostat function,
  • control of outputs (BO) through: RopamNeo app, SMS, DTMF, CLIP (KeyGSM),
  • analog input (AI) 0-10 V, scalable with physical parameters (e.g. battery voltage, humidity, temperature),
  • integration with audio systems of video intercoms (VAR-1U), audio systems of intercoms / door entry systems,
  • audio monitoring of the facility (AMR-1).
Notifications and control:
The control panel has built-in Wi-Fi module and GSM modem for notification of events and control of the alarm system and automation functions. The Wi-Fi connectivity is used as the primary communication channel and is replaced by the GPRS / GSM communicator only in the case of its malfunction. The notification and control functions are carried out through:
  • SMS: notifications (diversified for various events) and control commands;
  • VOICE/CLIP: independent voice connection for events in the system with voice messages after using VSR-1 or VSR-2 speech synthesizers; audio monitoring option (requires AMR-1),
  • E-MAIL: emails diversified for various events (support for SMTP server, without SSL/TSL),
  • GPRS monitoring: cooperation with Kronos NET (RopamDirect controller) or Monitoring Software Ropam server;
  • remote control via RopamNeo mobile appp (Android).
  • advanced logical functions, arithmetic functions, counters, timkers;
  • up to 10 independent logical conditions (If...Then...Else);
  • 20 timers to implement time-logic functions;
  • logic wizard or script editor (scripting language C), script monitor.

The manufacturer - Ropam Elektronik - gives 24 months warranty since the date of purchase. The manufacturer agrees to extend the warranty for selected devices for the next 24 months (according to the terms of the warranty published on its website).
Number of inputs (main board)
Max. number of inputs
Number of outputs (main board)8
Max. number of outputs24
High-current outputs
2 (max 1 A, transistor with protection and load control)
Low-current outputs
6 (max 0.7 A with electronic protection)
Number of zones
Number of timers
System log capacity
10000 entries
 Number of users
Logic functionsYES, LogicProcessor
Built-in Wi-Fi
Built-in GSM modem
Analog input
0-10 V
Supply voltage options
17 ÷ 20 VAC, 20 ÷ 30 VDC
Output supply voltage12 VDC (1.5 A)
Dimensions155 x 86 x 33 mm
Weight0.22 kg
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161,40 EUR193,68 EUR0 %
Alarm Control Panel: ROPAM NeoGSM-IP-PS (WiFi/GSM)
Kód tovaru: G7001