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Computer Network Protector: NetProtect
Kód tovaru: J2830
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Computer Network Protector: NetProtect
View of the device

Distinguishing features:
  • maximum impulse power: 3000 W,
  • maximum impulse voltage (peak-to-peak): 6 kV,
  • maximum current intensity of inter-wire surge (t<10 us): 132A,
  • protection of all wires of UTP/FTP cable.
During thunderstorms electronic devices are very vulnerable to damages. Risk of over-voltage is present even in spots 1.5 km distant from the place where a lightning struck.
The LH Protector lowers the excess voltage to the safe level, according to European standards set for this type of equipment. It allows to avoid structural damage. The device does not need power supplying and does not interrupt data transmission.

- inter-wire protection voltage (threshold)7.5 V
- line-ground protection voltage (threshold)500 V
- maximum impulse voltage (peak-to-peak)6 kV
- maximum current intensity of inter-wire surge132 A (10 μs)
- maximum impulse power3000 W
- protected UTP/FTP pairs
1-2, 3-6, 4-5, 7-8
- IN/OUT connectors
RJ45, shielded
- length of grounding cable
1.4 m
- dimensions40x50x20 mm
- weight50 g
- operating temperature range
-10°C ... +55°C

NOTE: If the protected line can suffer from over-voltages higher then the values above, preliminary security measures must be used.
Before beginning the installation, the electrical outlet grounding must function properly, and the protected device has to be correctly connected. If grounding fails, the protector and network will not work properly.
The right grounding
To avoid overvoltages the protector should be connected to grounding with resistance below 4 ohm. The connection should be screwed down or soldered. It is not allowed to use lightning conductors or gas pipes!!!
The device protects only the equipment to which it is directly connected. Lack of grounding in one of the computers connected to a concentrator can result in appearing voltage causing the protector to react.
Computer Network Protector: NetProtect
Application diagram
Bez DPHCena s DPHZľavaPlatnosť  
11,38 EUR13,66 EUR0 %
Computer Network Protector: NetProtect
Kód tovaru: J2830