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Monitoring miest

Monitoring mesta Szczercow - zasahuje voči zločincom
Szczercow (mesto v regióne Lodz v centrálnej časti Poľska) pred niekoľkými mesiacmi spustil do prevádzky mestský monitorovací systém. Správnosť rozhodnutia samosprávy na inštaláciu video monitorovacieho systému bola potvrdená tragickou udalosťou, ktorá sa odohrala 30. apríla 2009.
Krádež v Szczercowe
Na súkromný pozemok jednej zs obyvateliek Szczercowa vnikli štyria páchatelia. Napadnutá 79-ročná žena obchodovala so zlatom a šperkami. Žena podľahla zraneniam násilného činu po prevoze do nemocnice.
The police were informed about the incident and launched an investigation. The most useful trace proved to be high quality recordings from the security cameras monitoring the area. Megapixel resolution of the recordings allowed to identify two men who had been observing the property and then broke into the premises. Thanks to the archive recordings the police were able to identify vehicle registration number of their car, which allowed to start searching all over the country. Already in the evening the police from Prevention Department in Katowice intercepted the car in Nikiszowiec. There were four young men inside - from 18 to 34 years old. In view of the evidence they confessed to the crime - robbery causing death. They face a maximum of 12 years in prison. 31,000 zloty (ca. $10,000) of stolen jewelry has been recovered.
Monitorovací systém
Szczercow is under surveillance of fifteen cameras which are deployed in the most vulnerable places, especially those for 24-hour monitoring. The cameras are installed in the vicinity of schools, market, and local government. The monitoring center is located in the municipal guard.
Cameras installed in the monitoring system in Szczercow
The system operates eleven IQinVision IP cameras with resolution of 3.1 Mpx - this is a resolution about 8 times greater than the resolution of standard PAL camera. The megapixel cameras are equipped with wide-angle Tokina lenses (manually adjustable focal length from 4.5 to 13 mm). Application of megapixel cameras with wide-angle lenses allows multiple digital zoom of the images. This feature - possibility of viewing even small details of the image - enabled the police to read vehicle registration number of the perpetrators' car as well as to identify them when found. It should be stressed that, in the case of megapixel cameras, the system does not require 24-hour operation by surveillance staff (live monitoring or control of PTZ cameras).
Such a solution is a sign of the trend towards replacement of PTZ cameras with IP megapixel cameras equipped with wide-angle lenses.
The system also employs four ACTi speed dome PTZ cameras. All cameras are integrated and managed with NUUO intelligent video surveillance software, capable of performing PTZ control, digital zooming, reaction to events like motion, leaving or removing objects, loss of sharpness, or covering a camera.
Events management system allows to notify the operator with a visual or audible signal, e-mail, and is capable of pointing PTZ camera to pre-programmed position. An interesting function is remote access to the system from another computer, with protection by login and password, and also by blocking/enabling chosen IP addresses.
The images from megapixel IP cameras are transmitted wirelessly.
The IP CCTV system in Szczercow has been installed by InfoGlob company, with the use of equipment supplied by DIPOL company (branch in Lodz). DIPOL distributes ULTIAIR devices for wireless transmission (Mikrotik OS), NUUO and ULTISYSTEM - intelligent video surveillance software, and wide range of megapixel cameras, lenses and accessories from the world leaders: ACTi, IQinvision, Tokina, Hikvision and others.