Stropná IP kamera: Hikvision DS-2CD2347G1-L (4 MP, 2,8 mm, 0,0014 lx, biele svetlo do 30 m, WDR, H.265, ColorVu)


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Ceiling IP Camera: Hikvision DS-2CD2347G1-L (4MP, 2.8mm, 0.0014 lx, white light up to 30m, WDR, H.265, ColorVu)
The camera
Ceiling IP Camera: Hikvision DS-2CD2347G1-L (4MP, 2.8mm, 0.0014 lx, white light up to 30m, WDR, H.265, ColorVu)
The microSD card slot
Ceiling IP Camera: Hikvision DS-2CD2347G1-L (4MP, 2.8mm, 0.0014 lx, white light up to 30m, WDR, H.265, ColorVu)
Ceiling IP Camera: Hikvision DS-2CD2347G1-L (4MP, 2.8mm, 0.0014 lx, white light up to 30m, WDR, H.265, ColorVu)
Accessories, including cable fittings to protect against water penetration
Key features:
  • 1/1.8" Progressive Scan CMOS sensor,
  • resolution: 4 MP (2688 x 1520),
  • fixed lens: 2.8 mm / 109° with F1.0 aperture,
  • white light illuminator up to 30 m,
  • color image captured around the clock,
  • H.265+/H.265/H.264+/H.264/MJPEG video compression,
  • intelligent image analysis (scene change, face, intrusion, line crossing, unattended luggage, object removal),
  • supports a microSD card up to 128 GB,
  • supports three streams,
  • image functions: AGC, 3D-DNR, WDR (120 dB), BLC, HLC,
  • region of interest (ROI),
  • ANR function,
  • access via Hik-Connect,
  • protection rating: IP67,
  • powered by 12 VDC or PoE (802.3af).
---PLEASE NOTE! The updated version of the software can be found here. --
ColorVu DS-2CD2347G1-L is an ideal solution for all those who wish to expand their CCTV systems to include a camera that allows to monitor the scene in the color mode around the clock and thus detect all the necessary details

The camera has been fitted with a 4 MP 1/1.8" Progressive Scan CMOS sensor manufactured in the BSI (Backside Illumination) technology, which stands out for its ultra high sensitivity and ability to capture the image even in very low-light conditions. The greatest advantage of BSI is a considerable increase in sensitivity facilitated by a reversed silicon wafer that holds the photosensitive elements and electronic circuitry.
The camera's 2.8 lens has a viewing angle of 109° and an aperture of F1.0. In extreme conditions, the white light illuminator (up to 30 m) will switch on automatically and illuminate the scene to ensure good-quality color footage. The camera supports both the older and the latest H.265(+) video compression methods, which ensures longer storage times, excellent image quality, as well as backward compatibility. Additional image functions, such as AGC, 3D-DNR, WDR (120 dB), BLC, and HLC, as well as built-in image analysis (VCA), make the camera suitable for the most advanced projects. Its IP67-rated housing protects electronic elements against adverse weather conditions. The camera can be powered conventionally with 12 VDC or using PoE (802.3af).
Color footage around the clock!
The dark cover of the night invites thieves and criminals. Traditional night-vision cameras with an IR illuminator fail to provide any information on color, which is often of key importance for many scenarios and data analysis. To address the problem, Hikvision has introduced a new series of ColorVu cameras able to record color footage around the clock.
Their amazing properties are guaranteed by two key equipment technologies. One is a lens with a super large aperture of F1.0, which lets in four times more light than traditional F2.0 cameras. The other is a large 1/1.8" CMOS sensor with a resolution of 4 MP, equipped with cutting-edge solutions, such as Backside Illumination (BSI), Dual Conversion Gain (DCG), and WDR to ensure bright, color footage in almost any lighting conditions. The camera also has a white-light LED illuminator with a range up to 30 m and color temperature of 3000 K, which can switch on automatically in ultra low-light conditions to ensure good-quality video (the option can be disabled in the menu).
A F1.0 aperture lets in four times more light than its F2.0 equivalent
EasyIP 4.0 (AcuSense + ColorVu)
The camera belongs to the EasyIP 4.0 series, which consists of models equipped with one of the two key technologies: AcuSense or ColorVu. AcuSense cameras rely on deep learning algorithms that allow to classify objects (person, vehicle outline) and filter out false alarms. Thanks to accurate recognition, the system is able to ignore up to 90% of false alarm triggers (e.g. animals, rainfall, spiderwebs, swaying leaves), which considerably improves alarm accuracy and reduces operating costs. Thanks to their ability to capture color video under any conditions, ColorVu cameras, on the other hand, are able to capture all the details of the monitored scene. Using an AcuSense NVR allows to tap the full potential of the Easy IP 4.0 series. By combining cameras that do not support the AcuSense technology (e.g. ColorVu) with an AcuSense camera in any number of channels, you can filter out false alarms, classify and quickly search events for person or vehicle outlines. You can find a comparison of possibilities offered by various configurations of cameras from different series.
Filtering out false alarms in all channels and quick object search
Filtering out false alarms and quick object search in selected channels
Filtering out false alarms by AcuSense cameras
Color footage 24/7. Filtering out false alarms and quick object search in selected channels
Standard IP
Housing type
Adjustment 3 axes
Sensor 1/1.8" Progressive Scan CMOS
Sensitivity 0.0014 lx @ (F1.0, AGC ON),
0 lx in white-light mode
Shutter 1/3 s - 1/100000 s
Resolution 2688 x 1520
Frame rate
25 fps @ 2688 x 1520 and lower resolutions
Lens 2.8 mm / 109o
Video compression
Video streams
Bit rate 32 kbps - 16 Mbps
Illuminator up to 30 m (2 x LED, white light with a color temperature of 3000 K)
Image functions
AGC, 3D-DNR, WDR (120 dB), BLC, HLC
Day/night function
Color footage 24/7
Alarm events
Detection of motion, tampering, exceptions
Intelligent image analysis
Detection of scene change, intrusion, line crossing, unattended luggage, object removal
Corridor mode
ROI Yes, 1
Recording microSD, NAS (NFS/SMB/CIFS), ANR
Network interface RJ-45 10/100 Base-T
Supported standards ONVIF (S,G profiles), ISAPI
Housing material
IP rating
Power 12 VDC ± 25%, PoE 802.3af 
Power consumption
6 W;  PoE - 7.5 W
Operating temperature
Dimensions Φ138 x 125 mm
Weight 1.1 kg


Additional supported technologies
H.265(+) compression
H.265(+): greater compression with H.264 video quality
The camera implements several video compression methods, H.265+, H.265, H.264+, H.264, MJPEG. Compared with H.264, H.265 can reduce the data stream by half, which translates into proportional disk space savings and extended data retention time. H.265+ and H.264+ are Hikvision standards based on the original systems and optimized for CCTV applications. They further minimize the streams in typical video surveillance scenarios. With the advanced video compression algorithms, the camera can be used in IP CCTV systems based on modern NVRs implementing the H.265 standard (the DS-76/77/96NI-I/K series supports H.265+, H.265, H.264+, H.264). Of course, the camera can also operate with older models that support H.264 (the DS-76/77NI-E series supports H.264+, H.264).
Continuous recording thanks to the ANR function
With the support of ANR (Automatic Network Replenishment), each IP camera equipped with a memory card can record video even in the absence of network connection. Once the network connection is restored, the footage is automatically synchronized with that recorded on the NVR. This ensures a continuous coverage of events, even in the event of communication problems between the camera and the NVR.
Convenient client applications
iVMS-4200 is a client software dedicated for the management of Hikvision systems such as NVRs (IP, TurboHD), video intercoms, access control, decoders, etc. The software makes it easy and convenient to control all the systems, providing a live view from IP cameras, remote playback, remote configuration, alarm event support, two-way audio transmission, e-maps, HDD recording, and many other functions. The app allows to manage up to 256 devices and stream footage from 64 cameras on up to 4 monitors.

Login page of the iVMS-4200 (v3) client software
Hik-Connect is a mobile application intended for smartphones with the Android and iOS operating systems. It can be used for the remote live viewing of footage from DVRs, NVRs, network cameras via Wi-Fi, 2G, or 3G networks, as well as the playback of recorded video files. The application connects to the devices by IP addresses and/or through the P2P cloud service.
The start menu of the Hik-Connect app
with a live view thumbnail
The live view screen
Working in the cloud
Hik-Connect is also a network service for Hikvison devices. The service is based on cloud data processing and integrates the following functions:
  • Remote cloud access - allows access to the device for users without an external IP address or when simplicity is imporant. Only the basic configuration of the network is required. The PC or smartphone app connects with the device via a P2P cloud service;
  • DDNS server - DDNS assigns a fixed domain name to dynamically changing IP addresses (Dynamic DNS). This feature is useful when the ISP does not provide users with a fixed IP address. To be able to use DDNS, it is necessary to ave a public IP address and provide access from the external network to the appropriate ports of the NVR (server and http, by default 8000 and 80). The connection is possible via a web browser or via a PC or smarphone client application,
Advanced applications for organizing and operating CCTV systems
Various applications intended for the installers and operators/users of video surveillance systems based on Hikvision devices are described in this article.

The main window of the SADP application
SADP (Search Active Device Protocol) is a free, easy-to-use utility designed to search for Hikvision IP cameras and DVRs/NVRs in the local network. The network device search tool can also be used to modify device network parameters, e.g. to change or recover default passwords. Detailed information on the software and its use can be found in the following article: SADP application - LAN tool for organizing CCTV systems based on Hikvision devices.

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