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Telefón (unifon) TES 001
Kód tovaru: S960003
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General view

This is a 4+N telephone with electronic call and privacy protection feature. This feature ensures privacy of the call by means of disabling other units as long as the call lasts. Privacy protection is available only with an audio panel supporting this feature. This unit enables receiving a call from the entrance panel, having a conversation with panel user and opening the door.

Installation manual

1. Disconnect the coiled cord between handset and the base.
2. Slide base front panel to the right.

3. Remove the front panel of the base.

4. Pass the cables through an opening in base panel.

5. To mount the base use four out of many openings in the base panel.

6. Connect wires to the terminal strip according to installation diagram.

7. Rejoin both parts of the base.

8. Connect the handset.

9. Perform a test of door opening.

Installation diagram

How to connect uniphone to the door entry system:
1. Electric door strike
2. Ground
3. Microphone
4. Handset
5. Electronic call
Installation manual - PDF file in English, French and Spanish available on manufacturer's website
Tovar bol stiahnutý z ponuky
Telefón (unifon) TES 001
Kód tovaru: S960003