UTP Cat 5 kábel: NETSET UTPw 5e
(vonkajší - plnený gélom, čierny) [1m]

Kód tovaru: E1410_1
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Kábel NETSET UTPw 5e E1410 patrí medzi najkvalitnejšie UTP káble pre vonkajšie použitie. Je navrhnutý pre použitie v počítačových sieťach. Hlavné vlastnosti kábla NETSET UTPw 5e E1410: - vyrobený z materiálov najvyššej kvality, prísny technologický dozor pri výrobe ponúka +++6 ročnú záruku+++; - vstupné testy kvality materiálov a celková kontrola finálneho produktu; - metrové značky; - plné vodiče s priemerom 0,51mm (24 AWG); - izolácia vodičov vyrobená z homogénneho, farebného PE materiálu, vonkajší priemer: 1.02 mm; - izolované vodiče stočené do párov s priemerom 2,04mm; - páry sú spolu stočené v géle, obalené PET fóliou, priemer ~ 4,4mm; - plášť z čierneho modifikovaného PVC, vonkajší priemer 6,8mm.


Záruka - 15 rokov.


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UTP Cat 5 kábel: NETSET UTPw 5e <br />(vonkajší - plnený gélom, čierny) [1m]
The gel-filled NETSET UTP CAT 5e E1410_1 is a top quality twisted-pair cable designed for professional data transmission systems in environments with increased humidity, inside or outside buildings (structural wiring, LANs). Its polyethylene (PE) sheath is resistant to UV radiation (sunlight) and moisture. Center of the cable is filled with gel to prevent longitudinal water penetration in the cable. The cable put into ducts or trays can be even used in installations buried in the ground, in cable ducts or trays.
The latest high-performance IP CCTV cameras require appropriate quality of transmission medium. High resolutions of the cameras are connected with high bandwidth requirements (especially in the case of megapixel devices). A very important feature of a UTP cable becomes the crosstalk between pairs.
Due to market demand DIPOL has introduced a new family of high-quality twisted-pair cables named NETSET.
The outer diameter of the gel-filled NETSET UTP5e cable has been reduced to 6.0 mm, which considerably facilitates the laying of the cable in ducts and pipes. The insulation of the wires has been made of special PE, to make it easier to crimp RJ-45 connectors onto the cable.
Distinguishing features of NETSET UTPw Cat 5e:
  • highest-quality materials, strict technological discipline confirmed by a 6-year quality guarantee,
  • parameters far exceeding the requirements for Category 5+ twisted pair cables, confirmed by the tests performed in Central Testing Laboratory of the National Institute of Telecommunications in Warsaw, Poland,
  • preliminary quality control of materials and thorough tests of the final product,
  • meter markers - length error less than 0.5%,
  • solid wires of 0.50 mm diameter (24 AWG),
  • wire insulation made of homogeneous, colored PE; outer diameter: 1.01 mm; colors: white-green/green, white-orange/orange, white-brown/brown, white-blue/blue,
  • insulated wires twisted in pairs of 2.02 mm diameter,
  • pairs twisted together, in gel,
  • sheath made of black PE, outer diameter of 6.0 mm.
NETSET UTP CAT 5e E1410_1 Ethernet cable is manufactured in compliance with EN 50173, ISO/IEC 61156-5 edition:2002, ISO/IEC 11801 norms.
NETSET cables come with a 6-year warranty.

The manufacturer guarantees stability of the parameters given in the "Specifications" at least for six years, on the condition that the cable is packed, transported, installed, and used according to adequate European norms (among others: EN 50174-1), within the permissible environmental conditions (see the "Specifications" below).
NETSET UTPw 5e E1410_1 cable can be used in a wide temperature range: -20...+50 oC, and installed between 0 and +50 oC.
The cable is also available in unreel box - E1410_305
Name NETSET UTPw 5e gel-filled
Code E1410_1

solid copper conductors Ø 0.50 mm (24 AWG)

Wire insulation PE, gel
Sheath PE (black)
Outer diameter [mm] 6.0
Copper content [kg/km] 14.2
Weight [kg/km]  33
Wave impedance [Ω] 100 ±15
Capacitance of any transmission path at 1kHz [nF/km]   ≤56
Nominal Velocity of Propagation (NVP) [%] 67
Resistance of any transmission path [Ω/km] ≤ 188
Asymmetry in capacitance of transmission paths to the ground [pF/km] ≤ 1600
Insulation resistance [MΩ/km] > 1000
Operating temperature range [°C] -20...+50
Operating humidity range [%] 0...100
Installation temperature range [°C] -30...+50
Minimum bending radius (indoors)  [radius to diameter ratio] >8
NETSET UTPw 5e cable has been tested by
Central Chamber for Telecommunications Testing of
National Institute of Telecommunications in Warsaw, Poland

and got:

The results of the measurements of the NETSET UTPw 5e cable conducted by the
National Institute of Telecommunications in Warsaw, Poland
  • Path (pair) resistance testing.
  Pair Wire Wire resistance [Ω/km] Resistance asymmetry [%]
UTPw 5e
1 a 87.320 0.22
b 87.36
2 a 84.663  0.20
b 84.831
3 a 85.082 0.21
b 84.903
4 a 86.035  0.18
b 86.192
Required - - ≤150  ≤3.0
  • Capacitance testing.
  Pair  Effective capacitance [nF/km] Capacitance asymmetry [pF/km]
UTPw 5e
1 51.74 208
2 49.21  116
3 49.79 7
4 50.85 13
Required - ≤55 ≤1600
  • Insulation testing.
  Pair Wire Insulation resistance [MΩ/km]
UTPw 5e
1 a 4.5 · 105
b 4.8 · 105
2 a 6.6 · 105
b 4.6 · 105
3 a 4.9 · 105
b 5.8 · 105
4 a 4.5 · 105
b 7.0 · 104
Required - - ≥150
  • Tests of electric strength of insulation.
Test method  Test voltage [VAC]
Applied (passed)
Voltage applied between connected in parallel all a wires and all b wires 1000 1000
  • End-to-end attenuation testing.
  Pair Effective attenuation [dB]
UTPw 5e
1 21.2
2 20.8
3 20.5
4 21.2
Required - ≤24.9
  • Near End Cross Talk (NEXT) testing.
  Pair to pair
UTPw 5e
1-2 47.3
1-3 52.6
1-4 55.4
2-3 54.8
2-4 55.5
3-4 60.2
Required - ≥34.0
  • Return loss testing.
  Pair Return loss [dB]

UTPw 5e
1 20.7
2 21.8
3 22.4
4 21.5
Required - ≥19.4
  • Total Near End Cross Talk (PS-NEXT) testing.
  Pair PS-NEXT [dB]
UTPw 5e
1 45.69
2 46.07
3 50.11
4 51.77
Required - ≥31.0
Prenosové parametre
Diagram ukazuje, že NETSET UTP 5e E1408 spĺňa všetky požiadavky pre káble CAT 5e s veľkou bezpečnostnou maržou.

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Technické dáta

Name NETSET U/UTP cat. 5e outdoor, gel-filled
Product type
Manufacturer Dipol
Cable type U/UTP
Category 5e
Cable length m Sold per meter
CPR class FCA
Fyzikálne vlastnosti
Conductor Material Cooper
Diameter mm +/-0.5
Conductor insulation Material HDPE (polyethylene)
Diameter mm
Twisted pairs colors white-brown/brown, white-blue/blue, white-orange/orange, white-green/green
sheath Material LDPE
Diameter mm
thickness mm
Color RAL9005 (black)
Gel filled Yes
Carrier cable No
Rip-cord Yes
Spline No
Length marker print error <0.5
Elektrické parametre
Impedance Ohm 100
Nominal Velocity of Propagation NVP 67
Delay skew ns/100 m <45
DC resistance Ohm/100 m
Resistance asymmetry <5
Return Loss 1 MHz ≥dB 19
4 MHz ≥dB 19
8 MHz ≥dB 19
10 MHz ≥dB 19
16 MHz ≥dB 19
20 MHz ≥dB 19
25 MHz ≥dB 18
31.25 MHz ≥dB
62.5 MHz ≥dB
100 MHz ≥dB 12
Loss 1 MHz ≤dB 3
4 MHz ≤dB
8 MHz ≤dB
10 MHz ≤dB
16 MHz ≤dB
20 MHz ≤dB
25 MHz ≤dB 10
31.25 MHz ≤dB
62.5 MHz ≤dB
100 MHz ≤dB 21
NEXT (near-end crosstalk) 1 MHz ≤dB 60
4 MHz ≤dB
8 MHz ≤dB 50
10 MHz ≤dB
16 MHz ≤dB
20 MHz ≤dB
25 MHz ≤dB
31.25 MHz ≤dB
62.5 MHz ≤dB
100 MHz ≤dB
PSNEXT (power sum near-end crosstalk) 1 MHz ≥dB 57
4 MHz ≥dB
8 MHz ≥dB 47
10 MHz ≥dB
16 MHz ≥dB
20 MHz ≥dB
25 MHz ≥dB
31.25 MHz ≥dB
62.5 MHz ≥dB
100 MHz ≥dB
4 MHz ≥dB
8 MHz ≥dB
10 MHz ≥dB
16 MHz ≥dB
20 MHz ≥dB
25 MHz ≥dB
31.25 MHz ≥dB
62.5 MHz ≥dB
100 MHz ≥dB
PSELFEXT (power sum far-end crosstalk) 1 MHz ≥dB
4 MHz ≥dB
8 MHz ≥dB
10 MHz ≥dB
16 MHz ≥dB
20 MHz ≥dB
25 MHz ≥dB
31.25 MHz ≥dB
62.5 MHz ≥dB
100 MHz ≥dB
Mechanické vlastnosti
Pracovná teplota °C -20...+70
Installation temperature °C -30...+50
Minimum bending radius for indoor installation Diameter >8


Konektor RJ45 na UTP kábli - montáž

How to attach RJ-45 connector to cat 5 UTP cable. Male RJ-45 connector J2008 (8P8C category 5e for UTP/FTP cables with solid wires) used for computer network cables. NETSET BOX UTP CAT 5e E1408 cable is the highest-quality twisted pair cable designed for professional data transmission systems inside buildings (structural wiring, LANs). Crimping Tool HT-210N J9210 for RJ-45 plugs. Cable Tester (RJ-45, RJ-11) N7055 helps installers to build LAN systems and service existing networks. It tests cable continuity, detects shorts circuits and incorrect connections. The device can be used for UTP/FTP cables terminated with RJ-45 connectors or for telephone cables terminated with RJ-11 phone plugs.